About Us

Ghoshouni Industrial Company

Ghoshouni Industrial Company(GICO) started to work as one of the leaders in brass sections and brass semi-finished products industry from 1967. It was founded by Mr. Iraj Ghoshouni and then, his children developed and improved the quality and quantity of their products continuously.
This factory is located in an area of 20.000 square meters in Abbas-abad Industrial Town which is near to Tehran Province. Fortunately, the company could create an essential change in the industry of manufacturing Non-ferrous products and sections by developing and improving production processes and benefiting from specialized and experienced human force. This company is currently producing different types of products under a capacity of 2.000 tons monthly. Our products range includes solid and hollow brass sections as well as brass Billets through continuous casting, and also solid brass sections through Extrusion process.
Our success has a notable history. What distinguishes us from others is our unique structure which is the result of the efforts of over 250 Iranian experts. Over the years, this company has played an effective role in the development and meeting the needs of various manufacturing industries nationally and internationally by producing high quality products, and therefore contribute to the growth and promotion of various industries. Although our company has passed a long and difficult path to achieve to its current position and goals, but it has still a very long path to go to achieve its superior goals.


Manufacturing the in the global level through technology development and human and organizational capabilities to improve the quality of the life


Using up-to-date sciences caused us to have economical solutions to produce valuable products which decrease your costs and facilitate the production process