Materials Analysis Laboratory

This laboratory uses the latest and the most modern analysis devices by using emission spectrometry method through experienced experts to present the chemical composition of different metals and their compliance with international standards:

  • Quantum Laboratory
    • Analysis of pure metals of copper, zinc and lead
    • Analysis of brass and bronze alloys

Metallography Laboratory

Due to the increasing the needs of the country for the metal parts laboratories and in order to provide scientific, research and consulting services in the field of selecting metal materials, selecting production methods and selecting physical and mechanical properties and optimization, the metallography laboratory of this company is ready and willing to provide services to the country's industries through its experienced and professional experts. Also structure analysis can help engineers in predicting strength, toughness, hardness, thermal corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, as well as preventing premature failure and corrosion in the industries, especially leads mechanical research tests in cases due to limited size and number or impossibility of sampling due to destroying sample. Also, analysis of failure levels or levels that have been corroded can guide experts in identifying methods to prevent corrosion or failure.

Mechanical Properties Laboratory

The term hardness usually refers to the properties of objects against the intrusion of another object into their surface and the degree of their resistance and permeability. The most common hardness test involves moving a penetrating or sinking body into the tested body and recording the required force to do this job, or measuring the amount of sinking against a given force, which is named a sinking hardness test.Nowadays, various hardness methods are used to measure the hardness of metals, especially after hardening and thermal operation. The basis of hardness measuring devices is to create a point of effect on the metal surface and examine it. The most important conventional methods of hardness testing are:

  • Brinell
  • Rockwell
  • Vickers